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We are fully aware of the food production and distribution’s environmental impact on the globe.
We do care about where our supplies come from and we support sustainability.

  • We grind and blend our own curry powders and curry pastes in-house.
  • We use free-range eggs only.
  • We use organic milk only for our in-house production of Paneer (Indian Cheese), Yoghurt & tea.
  • Fresh Chicken and fresh lamb come from a local butcher.
  • Fresh vegetables come from a local green grocer.
  • Frozen seafood comes from a local importer.
  • Pulses, rice, spices, pickles, mango pulp, papadoms, coconut milk etc. come from a local importer.

Free Range Eggs – Harvest Moon, London Farmers’ Markets, London NW3
Organic Milk –Local supermarket, London NW6
Fresh Chicken & Lamb – Al-Kyam Butchers, London NW6
Fresh Vegetables – Tropical Fruit & Veg, London NW9
Frozen Seafood – Wing Yip, London NW2
Pulses, Rice... – VB & Sons, Kenton, Harrow.

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